Social Media for the PPE and Safety Industry


PPE.ORG is in a unique position to help you increase your brand profile and to raise awareness of your PPE and Health & Safety offer on the social web in a very effective way. Why? We have years of experience in the safety sector and in the world of social media management. And we have a large social media network.

Buyers of PPE and Health & Safety related products and services are actively searching the web for information on the products that will fit their requirements.

The social web now offers a wonderful opportunity for direct communication and to develop a more accessible health and safety brand for people to engage with.

So how can you ensure that your organisation has a more dynamic web profile than your competitors? We have the social media skills and network to help you to effectively reach and engage with customers and prospects on the social web.

We can manage your social media profiles for you, promote your posts as you publish them or do both. Whichever way you choose to use us, we’ll act as a springboard for your activities on the social web.



Managing your social media profiles

We understand how important your brand is to you and we know that you would trust your brand only to those with a proven track record in both safety and social media. We manage the social media profiles of many of the top manufacturers and suppliers in the industry and take great care with the activity we undertake on our clients’ behalf.

Every post, share, like and engagement is carefully planned in order to ensure the maximum benefit to our customers. We understand the safety market and the social web. We’ll provide:

  • Daily publishing of posts to your profiles
  • Daily follower management to ensure your social media networks grow quickly and organically


Promoting your PPE and safety offer

We’ll share your high quality, useful content with our deep and wide network of followers.

Vastly more cost effective than a static advertisement in a trade magazine, our social media support packages are low-cost, high impact and provide dynamic engagement with your customers and prospects. For one low monthly fee we will do the following:

  • Daily posting of links to your website using our profiles
  • Daily sharing of your posts
  • Daily engagement with your posts

All of this activity means that you get massive and active daily exposure to our deep and wide social media networks.

We can carry out an initial audit of your current social media activity and provide you with any help you need to get on track.


High quality posts

We have the industry experience to be able to produce top-notch Health and Safety orientated posts for your social media feeds, on subjects such as:

Personal Protective Equipment including head protection, eye and face protection, hearing protection, respiratory protection, fall management and welding PPE.

Hand protection including chemical protection, cut-resistant, secure handling, mechanical handling, food handling, thermal protection, specialist handling, welding protection and disposables.

Footwear including safety footwear, special hazard footwear and food industry footwear.

Clothing including hazard protection, workwear, food industry clothing, weatherwear and careerwear.


Listening to the PPE and safety market

We use a well known management platform to listen for mentions of our customers on the social media channels so that we can react quickly to any situation. This can be as simple as picking up on customer comments or competitor behaviour. We will quickly respond to and report any important activity.

We also monitor the feeds and hashtags important to each of our customers so that we can feedback topical issues of interest.


Detailed reporting

We know that you like to keep on top of activities, especially where your brand is concerned. That’s why we provide a monthly social media management report showing details of all activities, network growth and every interaction.


If you would like to utilise the experience and trusted reputation of PPE.ORG to help you spread the word about your safety offer and brand on the social web, then contact us directly on 07815 580620 or at


James Twigg is the author & publisher of the articles on PPE.ORG. Find me on Google+

Social Media for the PPE and Safety Industry. By James Twigg

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