Arc Flash Protection – Risk Assessment

PPE - May 16, 2016 - 0 comments

The person who makes the purchasing decision for PPE is the person who sets the organisation’s parameters for protection of the persons who have to wear it.

Therefore the decision-maker should have knowledge of the risks against which the PPE is supposed to protect and it is advisable that those who make the purchasing decision should receive training prior to purchasing, in order to ensure that an informed decision on purchase is reached.

Risk management involves the employer: identifying the hazards; assess the risk; eliminate, remove or reduce the hazard. Where a hazard cannot be eliminated, removed or reduced to an acceptable level, it is necessary to introduce controls to ensure the safety of personnel.

If the safety of personnel still cannot be sufficiently ensured having done all that, only then should it be necessary to introduce PPE.

Source: Risk Assessment – JK Ross Arc Flash Protection


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