Arco ensures cleanliness with Kärcher professional cleaners

PPE - July 30, 2013 - 0 comments

Minimising slip and trip hazards, increasing occupational hygiene standards and ensuring floor space is clear are all important reasons to maintain a clean and tidy workplace. All industries suffer from unique cleaning challenges which are sometimes problematic and tiresome to address, yet employers have a duty to anticipate, recognise and control workplace health hazards in order to safeguard the well being of their employees. One of the most effective methods of fulfilling this is through regular workplace cleaning.

The extended range of Kärcher Professional Cleaners, designed as a simple, hygienic and effective solution to maintaining a clean working environment, is now available through Arco, the UK’s leading supplier of safety equipment and work wear. Each product has been designed to enable the user to easily clear away dirt and other contaminants using a high powered pressure cleaner, vacuum or sweeper which will quickly transform a potentially hazardous environment into one that is clean and above all, safe.

To coincide with the extension to the Kärcher range, Arco has produced a dedicated catalogue to Kärcher Professional Clearing Equipment. By helping users select the correct machine for their cleaning requirements, this comprehensive guide will help employers tackle any cleaning issue within the workplace.

The Kärcher brand has been synonymous with technological development since the invention of the pressure washer in the 1950’s. High quality materials and processing provide Kärcher products with a unique robustness; ensuring them longevity in comparison to domestic machines. The unique user-friendly controls, with standardised colour coding, allow users to quickly understand and operate every Kärcher Professional machine. The ease of use that lies at the heart of the Kärcher brand continues into their product maintenance. Each machine comes with a colour coded maintenance plan to enable easy servicing by the user. The combination of cutting edge design and practical technology has resulted in products that are modern, reliable, and above all, deliver outstanding cleaning performance.