B2B Blogging in the Health and Safety Sector

PPE - January 4, 2013 - 0 comments

BLOG lettering with computer mouse attachedIn the Information Age, buying behaviour has changed. People in organisations use the web for finding the information and products they need. The organisations that share the most useful information are seen as the experts in their field. High quality content is also recognised and rewarded by search engines in results pages. But how do you ensure that your organisation is at the forefront of this information-led web-focused buying behaviour? And, how can you use social media for lead generation and to drive web traffic onto your commercial website?

B2B blogging and the sharing of your content on the social web provides you with the platform you need to showcase your expertise and authority in your field. I run an interactive workshop that will show your team how to create and share content that will drive high quality traffic to your commercial website. The four-hour workshop takes your team through the purpose and benefits of B2B blogging and shows clearly how to share your content on the social media platforms. You will learn how to focus on creating content that will be shared by customers and prospects on the social web. I call it “Blogging the Easy Way” for good reason.

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