B2B Content Writing Workshop

BLOG lettering with computer mouse attachedWould you like your team to understand fully how important content is in driving high quality web traffic to your commercial website? Would you like to know exactly how to create the content your customers and prospects will use and share? Do you want a straightforward and effective process for creating the content you need?

Our B2B Content Workshop shows your team how to write effectively in the B2B space. If you don’t have a blog on your commercial website, I’ll show you why you need one. If your team is already producing content, I’ll give you a process to enable them to easily create focused, shareable content.

The workshop has two main elements. First we deliver an interactive presentation then we have a practical session on how to easily create content that will get high quality traffic to your content pages then onto your commercial pages.

B2B content production the easy way

The goal of the first part of the workshop is to explain clearly:

  • The purpose of content creation
  • The benefits your organisation will get from content creation in your sector
  • Why useful content is king on the web and why any old content won’t do
  • How to write attractive articles in the B2B space – the nuts and bolts of blogging
  • How to share your content on B2B social media

The practical session is designed to help you focus your activity and existing resources into generating the right content, quickly and effectively. We’ll take you through:

  • An easy to use process for B2B content writing
  • Creating useful content the easy way
  • Capturing the subject areas that your target market will find useful
  • Practical tools to help you create the content
  • Sharing my “insider’s view” of B2B blogging

Content isn’t king. USEFUL Content Is King!

We focus on producing tangible results that will help you to get the right content out there, and get that content shared. One output customers find extremely useful is the capture of the best topics to use in your marketplace. Once captured you can take this information forward into a practical and effective inbound marketing campaign.

The whole workshop lasts 3 to 4 hours depending on your schedule. we also provide a hand-out for you to use which outlines my “Blogging the easy way” process. We are also happy to answer follow up questions by phone or email.

If you would like your team to understand how important useful content is on the web, and how to easily create it using a straightforward and effective process, then call PPE on 07815 580620 or drop a note of interest to us at social@ppe.org and we’ll set up a call to discuss your specific requirements.

B2B Content Writing Workshop by PPE.