The benefits of social media through PPE.ORG

The benefits of social media are now so great that it should be an integral part of your marketing and communications strategy. This is because:

  • Social media signals are now driving search engine results
  • Social media influences purchasing behaviour
  • Social media has a global reach and drives traffic to your website via link sharing
  • It offers you the opportunity for networking and communications
  • It is a very cost effective use of marketing resources

Many people wonder the effectiveness of social media can be measured.

How to measure social media success

A good place to start to measure the effectiveness of social media is to look at the benchmark indicators of awareness, engagement and conversions.

Wider brand awareness

  • Change in SERPs rankings
  • Increase in new site visitors
  • Number of social media followers

Better prospect engagement

  • Increased number of page views
  • Increased number of link shares
  • Positive comments and likes

More conversions

  • Website/Sales Page optimisation
  • Goal conversions
  • Actual new customers recruited through social media

Social media offers fantastic opportunities for lead generation and brand exposure, but what specific benefits would you get if you partner with us? Working with PPE.ORG provides you with a range of additional benefits.

The benefits of social media services provided by PPE.ORG

Market leader in social media for the SHE and FM sectors

PPE.ORG is the market leader in social media management and consultancy for the health and safety, facilities management and environment sectors. I have in depth first-hand knowledge of social media management and content creation for these sectors.

The firm specialises in social media alone. It is the core of the business and the focus is never diluted with any other activities.

We manage social media profiles on behalf of many organisations in the sector and also promote customers through our own profiles.

Existing social media network

large sm following in place

personal contacts

You will gain access to our existing networks, and this makes it significantly easier to generate a high quality following for your profiles.


Industry knowledge

safety knowledge nebosh

sm knowledge & experienc

That all important trust factor

Your social media manager



known to sector

client recommendations

We can help you wherever you are on your social media journey

  • Audit of your current social media profiles and activity
  • Management of your social media profiles
  • Promotion of your brand and offer using our profiles and extensive network
  • B2B web content creation workshop

What do you get?

Close alignment with your specific objectives is delivered e.g. increasing follower numbers, specific activity levels or web page visits as we are flexible to our clients’ changing objectives and marketing focus.

Daily promotion of a single brand/offer using our profiles.

Daily management of the profiles of a single brand.

Social media activity would be aligned to your objectives and would include the daily promotion of your brand and offer using carefully crafted and clickable micro-posts shared on the social media platforms.

A report would be sent to you each month detailing activity levels in terms of posts, shares, likes and follower numbers.