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When it comes to hand protection there are 3 important choices to make.

Firstly, your hands are one of your most valuable assets so if there’s a tough job ahead make sure you are using work gloves. Chemicals, abrasion and hazards can all result in damage and injury to bare hands.

Secondly, match your glove to the requirements of your job. There are many different types of both disposable and non-disposable work gloves and it is becoming increasingly important to understand the material composition, resistance to hazards, and overall performance of the glove for a particular job. So make sure you choose a glove that meets the exact needs of your job including its resistance to harmful substances.

And finally one size doesn’t fit all. A reputable supplier of work gloves will offer the product in a range of sizes. Having a glove that fits correctly will not only prolong the lifetime of the glove but also ensure that your hands have maximum dexterity and comfort for the job. If a worker’s glove is a poor fit or discomfort is apparent then both PPE and health and safety guidelines are not being followed. Proper sizing is essential because workers will often risk working bare-handed rather than wear gloves that get in the way of the job.

And that’s where Fortress Distribution Ltd is here to give you a helping hand, quite literally. Our range of products from US leading brand Black Mamba, offers a glove to meet your every need. Because delivering ultimate hand protection for workers in tough jobs is what we do!

Black Mamba Gloves has emerged as an industry leader in creating hand protection for those in need of tough and reliable gloves. After enjoying significant success across the US, Black Mamba Gloves are now exclusively available in the UK through Fortress Distribution and our authorised stockists.

Nitrile Gloves

This is our flagship product. Made with our patented NITREX® polymer, this super strong (6.0 mils) powder free nitrile glove boasts 3 times the chemical and puncture resistance of a comparable thickness latex or vinyl glove. These gloves feature our grip rite finish for secure handling and dexterity even when working with fine objects. Black Mamba Nitrile Gloves come in S through to XXXL!

Ideal Uses: Motor Mechanics | HVAC Engineers | Automotive Engineers | Plumbers | Cycle Mechanics | Chemical Engineers | Water Treatment | Agricultural Engineers | Oven Cleaners | Waste Management | Vehicle Body Shops | Maintenance | Decorators

Take a look at the Chemical Resistance Chart for Black Mamba Gloves and watch our video to see the gloves in action.

White Mamba Latex Gloves

Ultra thick at 8.0 mils these gloves are ideal for working with harsher chemicals. EZ Glide Donning System.

White Mamba Latex Gloves are ideal where gloves might get wet. They perform better against Ketones and lacquer thinners making them suitable in many car body shop applications.

Cut Resistant Gloves

Made from Ultra High Molecular – Weight Polyethylene Fibre which has a tensile strength relative to its weight and is up to 15 times stronger than steel. Makes the glove lighter and allows for greater comfort and dexterity. A black polyurethane coating ensures superior grip and additional protection while at the same time allowing your hand to breathe.

Ideal Uses: Glass Handling | Handling Sharp Parts | Automotive Assembly | HVAC and Sheet Metal Applications | General Material Handling

EN388 Safety Mark 4544

Polyurethane Coated Material Handling Gloves

Lightweight and comfortable, these polyurethane coated material handling gloves are ideal for many applications. The polyurethane coating allows the product to breathe when chemical resistance is not a concern.

Ideal Uses: Light Industrial | Light Assembly | Warehousing | Small Parts Handling

EN388 Safety Mark 3131

Nitrile Coated Material Handling Gloves

Dipped in a premium nitrile coating, these material handling gloves are ideal for use when chemical resistance is a must.

Ideal Uses: Light Industrial | Light Assembly | Warehousing | Small Parts Handling | Oily Parts | Handling & Assembly

EN388 Safety Mark 4121

So if you or your workers have got a job on that requires protection of one of your most valuable assets then make sure your hands are covered. For your FREE sample of Black Mamba Nitrile Gloves go to

For further information about Fortress Distribution and the Black Mamba product range please visit, or call 01908 676869.

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Black Mamba gloves come to the UK.

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