PPE FAQ: high-vis clothing

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PPE FAQ: High-vis clothing from the JSP Knowledge Base:

I have seen lots of different arrangements of reflective bands on hi-vis clothing. Is there a correct type?

The standard, EN471, has a requirement for a certain amount of reflective material and a certain amount of background material and a minimum width of bands for the reflective. The design that you can have is therefore very varied. If you are working on the highway then you need either class 2 or 3 if working on dual carriageways.

How can I tell the difference between EN471 Class 2 and 3 clothing?

The simple way is the amount of bands of reflective material that the garment has, in general waist coats will be Class 2 and jackets with sleeves that have bands on will be Class 3.

What level of reflective clothing do I need to go onto a building site?

As the Department of Transport require Class 3 on dual carriageways and motorways and Class 2 on other roads, it seem reasonable to assume that a hi-vis vest, waistcoat or t-shirt would be okay. However you will need to check what the regulations are that the site owner has put in place.


Information kindly provided with permission from JSP Knowledge Base – http://www.jsp.co.uk/

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