Noise measurement


Noise Prevention Introduction

Noise Prevention Introduction

The elimination of a source of noise is the most effective way to prevent risks to workers, and should always be considered when new work equipment or workplaces…

PPE June 29, 2016

Make Noise at Work Monitoring Your Priority

If you are planning to carry out workplace noise measurement then you should ensure that you use compliant monitoring equipment and that the equipment you use is…

PPE November 17, 2013

Noise awareness training

If you are considering purchasing or utilising a sound level meter and need training on its use and on noise at work regulations, Pulsar Instruments has added three…

PPE October 3, 2013

Noise measurement methods with ease of use and durability

With an estimated two million people exposed to harmful levels of noise at work in the UK, Pulsar Instruments plc, a company which specialises in noise measurement…

PPE September 27, 2013