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Health and Safety


Outbound marketing for the Health and Safety industry

Do you provide PPE equipment that will protect the user against health or safety risks at work? Do you need to find new customers? Whether you are selling PPE items…

PPE June 28, 2013

Key priorities for occupational safety and health research

A new EU-OSHA report identifies key priorities for occupational safety and health research. The report identifies the most important topics for occupational safety…

PPE June 27, 2013

Driver Duty of Care Portal (DDCP)

The overriding principle of Health and Safety law is the requirement to prove that a company has not failed in its “duty of care”. Inevitably this means being…

PPE June 27, 2013

Removing protective gloves

It is extremely important that PPE is used properly.  This HSE video shows clearly how to remove single-use gloves without contaminating your hands:  Removing…

PPE June 26, 2013

What Is Safety? Who Is Responsible For Safety Management?

What is all the fuss about Safety? Everyone is interested in the concept of being safe from physical, psychological and financial harm.  Most people are involved…

PPE June 26, 2013

Health and safety at the crossroads

Against a background of continuing economic uncertainty, in its 2012 annual report the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) shows how it has continued…

PPE June 18, 2013

H&S at work: Commission opens public consultation on future EU policy framework

The European Commission has launched a public consultation to gather insights and contributions from the public further to results of the evaluation of the European…

PPE June 5, 2013

Responding to the needs of culturally diverse workforces is essential for improving organisational success

Addressing cultural diversity in the workplace can impact significantly on occupational safety and health, finds a new report from the European Agency for Safety…

PPE May 28, 2013

The most common causes of work-related stress

A new poll reveals job insecurity and job reorganisation are thought to be the most common causes of work-related stress. The main findings of the 3rd edition…

PPE May 9, 2013

EU-OSHA Good Practice Awards

Ten European companies have been recognised for their innovative contributions to risk prevention in the workplace. The European Agency for Safety and Health at…

PPE April 29, 2013

Integrated hearing protection

The ear is a very delicate part of the body and some of the damage that noise can cause is often nonrecoverable. The latest figures from HSE show that during 2011…

PPE April 24, 2013

Lead young people to safer working lives

Imagine, for a moment, being unfamiliar with the environment you find yourself in, with new people, processes, systems and machinery all around. You have a strong…

PPE April 16, 2013

Are green jobs safe?

With pressure to reduce carbon emissions, reduce waste, increase energy efficiency and the proportion of renewable energy, the EU is set for a rapid growth in the…

PPE April 9, 2013

How do I carry out a risk assessment?

There is no set way of undertaking a risk assessment but the simplest and most straightforward way is to consider following the five steps:

PPE April 2, 2013