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Risk assessment


Arc Flash Explained

Arc Flash Explained

This is an excellent video that explains the importance of assessing, preventing and protecting against the arc flash hazard. An electrical arc flash risk assessment…

PPE August 22, 2018
NIOSH Study Evaluates Risks for Pregnant Flight Attendants

NIOSH Study Evaluates Risks for Pregnant Flight Attendants

Flight attendants often travel across time zones, working when others normally sleep, and are exposed to cosmic radiation from the sun and space. A NIOSH study…

PPE June 2, 2015

Free Office Ergonomics e-Learning Programme

eOfficeErgo is made up of nine modules that cover everything from working postures to workstation adjustments, with instructional information presented through text,…

PPE May 13, 2015

Online Interactive Risk Assessment

OiRA – Online interactive Risk Assessment – is a web platform that enables the creation of sectoral risk assessment tools in any language in an easy and standardised…

PPE May 11, 2015