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Eye protection


PPE FAQ: eye and face protection

Eye and face protection guidance from the JSP Knowledge Base: My Health and Safety Officer has said that I need to use Grade B eye protection, but I can’t find…

PPE September 24, 2013

Dangerous substances advice for employers

Dangerous substances – meaning any liquid, gas or solid that poses a risk to workers’ health or safety – can be found in nearly all workplaces. Across Europe,…

PPE July 18, 2013

Working with dangerous substances

Employers, workers and their representatives need to know about the risks to workers’ health in the workplace and how to manage those risks. Effective communication…

PPE July 11, 2013

Totally integrated lightweight head and eye protection

JSP’s EVOLite + EVOSpec is the lightest, yet strongest, combined safety helmet and protective eyewear solution on the market, weighing in at a mere 332g, considerably…

PPE June 27, 2013

Eye protection is required by law and is vital to employee safety

An eye injury is painful for the individual concerned and can result in the loss of eyesight. Injuries can also be expensive for organisations. The minimum compensation…

PPE March 14, 2013

Eye protection guidance

In many work place environments the wearing of face and eye protection is mandatory. Eye injuries can translate into pain, loss of time, money and loss of sight.…

PPE February 3, 2013

Only Specs certified prescription safety glasses online

Only Specs is an Australian prescription safety glasses business started in 2007 and run by optometrists. Only Specs sells certified prescription safety glasses…

PPE November 22, 2012