New thermal hand protection range from Mapa Professionnel

Mapa Professionnel has launched a new Thermal Hand Protection range providing the thermal resistance & high dexterity finally in your hands! In Europe, one person…

PPE November 8, 2012

Professional strength for hand protection

Glove manufacturer since 1948, Mapa offers specialist expertise for hand protection. We have developed a glove for every task in various industries: Food, Chemical,…

PPE November 8, 2012

Hand arm vibration measurements and estimates

Vibration is measured in metres per seconds (m/s²) the larger the value the higher the vibration. Typical values range from 15 m/s² for road breakers to 1 m/s²for…

PPE November 2, 2012

PPE FAQ: hand arm vibration (HAVS)

WHAT IS HAND ARM VIBRATION (HAVS)? Vibration transmitted from work processes into workers’ hands and arms. It can be caused by operating hand-held power tools…

PPE November 1, 2012