Courageous cavers test Scruffs workwear standards

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Caving enthusiasts have put Scruffs Workwear to the test in an adrenaline-packed adventure requiring only the best in protective workwear.

The Scruffs Extreme Workwear Challenge 2012 dared testers Simon Harrington and Lee Jones to explore the caverns of Giants Hole in Derbyshire, dressed from head to toe in Scruffs workwear. The aim of the challenge was to subject Scruffs products to extreme conditions and test just how tough the Scruffs brand truly is.

The Test

Harrington and Jones were each provided with a full Scruffs Workwear set for their caving expedition. These items were the Scruffs Pro Tech Jacket, Scruffs Trade Trousers complete with Scruffs Knee Pads, Scruffs Trade Socks, Scruffs Nitro Safety Trainers and finally a pair of Scruffs Max Performance Gloves. Putting workwear products and safety boots through their paces in real life is the best way of determining how durable and practical the garments are.

Accompanied by a team of seasoned cavers, the duo braved more than 4000 metres of caves, caverns and potholes; they would find themselves navigating low-hanging rocks and waterfalls, trudging through wet and dry conditions, scrambling over loose stones and abseiling down slippery rock faces.

The Verdict

After a tough but exciting day, the team of testers were pleased to report that their Scruffs Workwear kit weathered each and every challenge they had faced. The lightweight, breathable Pro Tech Jacket kept the cavers dry and comfortable without restricting their movements; the Trade Trousers were hard wearing and ideal for climbing, kneeling and crawling through the underground terrain. The testers reported being particularly impressed by the Nitro Safety Trainers; the steel-toed, pierce-resistant shoes have become their footwear of choice whenever they are out on site.

The findings of the Scruffs Extreme Workwear Challenge have been published in the Autumn issues of Apprentice Builder and Apprentice Plumber magazines, which can be viewed online. To find out more about Scruffs and other quality workwear brands, visit the DSXpress website.

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