Driver Duty of Care Portal (DDCP)

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The overriding principle of Health and Safety law is the requirement to prove that a company has not failed in its “duty of care”. Inevitably this means being able to show evidence of what has been done, with appropriate policies and records. The Driver Duty of Care Portal (DDCP) enables your drivers to record and manage themselves through each of the requirements towards compliance quickly and efficiently whilst providing the company with evidence that they have done so.

By inviting all employees to register through DDCP whether they drive on business or not will enable the company to capture the ‘unknown grey fleet’. If drivers have opted out then mileage claims can be rejected until the drivers have opted back into the programme.

The key requirements towards compliance can be described as:-

  • Policy / Driver Pledge – dealing specifically with business drivers
  • Risk Assessment – establish who is most at risk
  • Appropriate training – prioritise the need
  • Document checking – including licence and ‘grey fleet’ business insurance and MOT certificates
  • Continually monitor and review
  • Record all activity


  • To cover your company’s Duty of Care to your employees by providing a safe and healthy working environment
  • To identify the risks to which your drivers are exposed and provide relevant and appropriate training to help them manage the risk
  • To help your company manage and improve fleet risk and thereby reduce associated costs
  • To confirm that the driver’s licence is valid, that they are licensed to drive the vehicle allocated to them and to raise awareness of any endorsement that could place either the individual or the company at risk
  • To ensure that drivers’ vehicles are insured appropriately for full business use and if appropriate, for vehicles over three years old, ensure they have a valid MOT certificate


A combination of all or a mix of the following is available through the DDCP: –

  • Risk assessment
  • E-learning
  • Practical driver awareness training
  • DVLA licence checking
  • Business insurance validation
  • MOT validation

Please refer to the individual data-sheets for more details on the above topics.


  • Enables drivers to register to opt-in in or opt-out of the programme
  • Confirms drivers have read the Company Safe Driving Pledge and/or Safe Driving Policy and agree to the terms
  • Confirms drivers have read the Data Protection Policy and agree to the terms
  • Allows drivers to be automatically or manually moved on to the next stage of the programme
  • Allows drivers to download their licence check and ‘grey fleet’ business insurance and MOT validation mandates-forms
  • Allows each individual driver to see exactly where they are within the programme and what their next step is
  • Allows the driver to raise a query / report an incident and / or change in circumstances direct to the fleet team if their question cannot be found within the FAQ’s
  • Allows the driver to have access to additional resources on topics such as ABS, back pain, fatigue, manual handling, mobile phone usage and any others that you may select
  • Can automatically invite the driver to undertake programme elements again at timely intervals
  • Can produce an ‘electronic driver permit’ upon successful completion of the required topics
  • Can integrate with a company Learning Management System (LMS) and/or expenses systems

Outsourced Management

The Cardinus team will take responsibility for: –

• Inviting drivers to take part in the programme

• Issuing reminders

• Escalating non-participants

• Moving drivers onto the next phase of the programme where applicable

• Dealing with driver queries that cannot be resolved through the FAQ’s

• Issuing compliance reports on driver progress / completion


The duration will vary depending upon the component parts of the programme chosen. Typically the registration will take 5 minutes, risk assessment 10 minutes, E-learning (if appropriate) approximately 2 hours, driver awareness training half a day and licence checking 5 minutes to complete the mandate consent form and business insurance & MOT validation 5 minutes to complete the mandates self-declaration forms.

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