Five Quick Wins For LinkedIn

LinkedIn can offer us many exciting and rewarding business or career opportunities, it is after all the largest online network of business professionals in the UK and throughout the world.

So why are so many users missing out?

The key to being successful on LinkedIn is to understand 2 key principles;

  1.  Your profile and company page are critical in creating a strong first impression in business.
  2. Consistent and regular, intentional activity is the only way to create an effective impact on LinkedIn.

Here are my 5 ‘Quick Wins’ for LinkedIn

Write your full name in your headline. Only 1st and 2nd tier connections can see your name and read your full profile but everyone on LinkedIn can see your headline (the text beneath your name). If someone knows your name they can then search for you again by name and see your full profile, in addition someone is much more likely to want to have contact with you once they know what your name is. This field allows up to 120 characters so ensure that you include an effective description of what you offer in addition to your name (see below).

Ensure your profile picture is up to the job. Avoid out of date photos, make sure the picture is only of you and close up enough that the viewer can recognise and remember you. DIY photos are fine but avoid obvious ‘selfies’ – better still get a professional shot taken by an expert. I can strongly recommend ‘The Headshot Guy’ John Cassidy you may feel your profile picture is of little consequence but all the evidence suggests otherwise. You will be remembered by your picture and people often avoid networking online with someone who is hiding their face.

Explore LinkedIn Contacts. One of LinkedIn’s less known features is LinkedIn Contacts, it also happens to be its best feature! Contacts is effectively a free CRM system built into your LinkedIn account (you do not require a premium account). Profiles can be saved (see below), tagged and reminders set without having to be a connection (you can save any profile no matter how far away they are from you, even those described as ‘out of network’), you can also makes notes and record how you met or know someone.

Go to the top menu and select Network followed by Contacts and open up a whole new way of using LinkedIn. I have made a video explaining this feature in more detail here.

Make More Use of Your Company Page. Everyone can create a free company page and the format and look is the same irrespective of company size or budget. Even if you are a ‘solopreneur’ you can still create an effective company page which provides different features to a personal profile. Many are missing out by not creating product / service pages which allow you to create a full page for each product/service including website links, contact points, embedded videos and promotional links. You can even determine what a viewer sees when they visit your products by creating ‘audiences’ based on the information in the their profile. This is FREE marketing so make the most of it.

Save a Search. This is mainly a tip for those looking to use LinkedIn for business development purposes. Perform an advanced search for users with a relevant job title in your designated geographical area (postcode radius). This will effectively give you a prospect list but the magic really starts when you save the search.

On a free account you can save up to 3 searches (see pic) and ask LinkedIn to email you once a week when anyone new meets the criteria of your search. These may be new users but more likely will be people who have changed their profile in line with your search criteria – a promotion or move to your area would be examples and this can be highly useful information.

Five Quick Wins For LinkedIn by Mark Williams for PPE.ORG

Mark Williams is an independent specialist LinkedIn Trainer based in the UK and delivering innovative LinkedIn training solutions worldwide. Mark says “My big passion in business is online networking, I am fascinated by how individuals are able to build relationships and spread their message through effective use of social media and I would love to share this passion with you.” You can stay in touch with Mark on LinkedIn or at ETN LinkedIn Training.