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Globus has established an enviable reputation within the UK and Ireland as a leading specialist in hand and arm protection. From the rigours of heavy construction to the complexity of clean room and aerospace manufacturing, workers in a wide variety of industry sectors rely on advanced and innovative hand protection products from Globus to successfully protect them.

However there are several factors to consider when selecting protective gloves and when the right choice is made, the benefits can be far-reaching within an organisation.

Fit for purpose

Hand injuries tend to occur because users have a reason or excuse not to wear gloves in the first place and so achieving widespread wearer acceptance is imperative. Pre-requisites for this include ensuring the employee knows he/she has got maximum protection and outstanding comfort.

Tight gloves can make hands feel tired and lose their grip. Oversize gloves can create folds which can impair work and be uncomfortable. They have to be comfortable and must have the dexterity to perform under the conditions set. The protection of having a proper-fitting glove should also eliminate the need for the worker to be tempted to remove it to perform the task, reducing risk and aiding productivity. To ensure an optimum fit, Globus can provide measuring advice or conduct a survey of the workforce.

There is no single glove that will work for every type of hazard so it is essential to match the correct glove type to both the task and individual to ensure compliance and get the right protection. The glove must also be made of the correct material to ensure effective protection whilst maintaining the necessary level of touch sensitivity. This is critical and Globus can produce bespoke selection charts for customers to make this easy.

For employees, knowing they are protected and have a safe working environment can be a major catalyst for improved work performance and job satisfaction. For the employer, ensuring the best environment to keep hands healthy pays off in improved employee morale and productivity. Failure not to protect the workforce from the hazards they face as part of their jobs not only risks injury to the individual but also exposes the company to related costs and potential litigation.

Counting the cost

How much will the glove truly cost in the long term? Everyone wants value for money but those that opt for an inexpensive product risk paying more for it in the long-run.

Products from the Globus portfolio are not only associated with reliability and durability, but also with innovation. SHOWA created the very first seamless, dipped lightweight glove as well as the iconic ‘Orange Grip Glove’ which still outperforms every one of the thousands of copies it has spawned. BEST created the world’s first ever nitrile disposable glove. With patented manufacturing technology, this glove still remains the benchmark that everyone else aspires to reach.

Choosing a reliable and durable glove will benefit multiple functions throughout a business. First, consider all the down-time within the workforce that comes as a consequence of changing gloves and how productivity can be improved by using a glove that lasts longer.

Other associated benefits can include fewer purchasing transactions, easier forecasting, lower storage costs and potentially a reduction in insurance premiums as a result of fewer claims.

Businesses should also question whether their selection procedure can reduce the number of styles employees use across a facility. Standardising here helps to ensure the workforce wear the best product for similar jobs. It can also simplify safety training and eliminate redundant products while decreasing the time required to order and stock these products.

When it comes to the financial effects of hand injuries, reduced productivity resulting from absence or limited capability due to injuries typically costs a company a lot more compared to when a better quality glove offering a higher level of protection is purchased.

Positive environmental impacts also appear in the form of a reduction in waste, packaging and CO2 emissions across the product’s journey from the person making the glove to the person wearing it.

Globus has an enviable portfolio of satisfied customers who, having made the switch, can point to demonstrable and significant savings.

Working with the right manufacturer

With a portfolio of over 200 products from three complementary brands, SHOWA, BEST and SKYTEC, Globus provides high performance gloves that deliver benefits businesses may never have even considered.

A unique facet of Globus comes in the form of bespoke solution building for customers. This can draw on any number of areas of expertise depending on requirements, thus ensuring a tailored solution and supporting business case for every customer.

Globus’ range fulfils all legal obligations to provide safe PPE in the workplace also contributing to widespread wearer acceptance, while simultaneously delivering value for money. Rigorous daily testing and quality control inspection ensure continuity and reliably improves safety for the wearer.

Globus also delivers outstanding distribution and support to its customers comprising industry-leading delivery response times and extensive inventories of stock in the UK, so guaranteeing consistency of supply. This is underpinned by a zero tolerance approach to product or service deficiency.

Michael Easton is Globus’ Sales and Marketing Director. He says: “HSE statistics show that injuries to hands and arms are a significant issue and a major contributory factor in H&S costs within many businesses. For workers, there is clearly an unacceptable level of pain, distress and lost working time. And for the employer, productivity, confidence and trust are all undermined.

Globus is dedicated to supporting the education of health and safety professionals, procurement managers and wearers alike about the importance of specifying the correct hand protection for the various tasks encountered, rather than simply focusing on cost per pair – often a false economy. Gloves should add to the workers’ experience and performance, making them more valuable to the company and the company more valuable to their customers.” Easton continues, “We constantly reinforce this message via bespoke training and implementation packages for customers. Ensuring the employee understands and accepts their role in protecting themselves is an often ignored area. Our approach has seen our customers rewarded by a reduction in hand-related injuries, one of the biggest areas of concern in many industries.

We are striving to change the culture of discarding gloves once a shift is over or when dirty and our product range is designed and manufactured to be used over a period of several days. Both managers and users can be safe in the knowledge that Globus will always support them with the very latest products, materials and service and we are adept at helping companies see the true financial benefits our range delivers.”

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For more information or if you would like an obligation-free visit from one of Globus’ hand protection experts in the UK and Ireland, contact Michael Easton, Sales and Marketing Director, in the first instance, at or telephone 0161 877 4747.

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