Free Root Cause Analysis seminars by Sologic Europe

PPE - August 9, 2013 - 0 comments

sologic-logoRoot Cause Analysis (RCA) uses logic to analyse the cause-and-effect relationships of an event or situation. Increasingly RCA is found to be integral to professional discipline and industry sector standards, understanding and applying RCA is regarded an indicator of best practice. In addition many contracting organisations will now have RCA as a key criteria in their tender requirements.

Root Cause Analysis is performed to find solutions that ensure undesirable events do not happen again. It can also be used to develop understanding of success in order to replicate contributing factors or to create scenarios to understand future events ie what might stand in the way of winning a tender. Whether a company faces a problem, needs to improve, or is striving to achieve a goal, Sologic RCA is a proven, powerful tool.

This free 3 hour seminar is an introduction to Root Cause Analysis, raising awareness of benefits and outlining the process of an effective RCA. This seminar will:

  • Establish the role of RCA in Problem Management
  • Examine the problem definition process
  • Clarify the benefits of an effective RCA process
  • Demonstrate RCA analysis using a visual method of charting
  • Explore how RCA analysis can generate targeted solutions
  • Introduce a simple method of reporting through the use of Sologic software

What’s it like to attend a free Sologic RCA seminar?


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