Good cut-resistant hand protection is not a luxury

PPE - July 16, 2013 - 0 comments

A new white paper by Globus, “Choosing the right cut-resistant hand protection”, outlines clearly the importance of using well chosen protection. RIDDOR and HSE statistics report that 15.3% of all work accidents are cuts and that in 1 out of the 3 accidents, the hand, fingers or wrist gets injured. It is important that workers wear the correct protection.

Every company can insure itself against work accidents but every accident will increase the insurance premium. Apart from the insurance cost, every accident will result in uninsured costs to be paid by the company like lost time, sick pay, repairs, loss of contracts, loss of business reputation and other negative effects. These uninsured costs might rise to 36 times the insurance premium. (Source: EU-OSHA).

The white paper goes into detail about the materials used to manufacture cut-resistant gloves and gives an overview of the products available at Globus. There is also a very useful section explaining the European Cut Tests.

Download the white paper here: Choosing the Right Cut-Resistant Hand Protection

Globus serves customers in the UK and Ireland with professional hand and arm protection solutions. Globus’ portfolio consists of products from the Showa Best and Skytec ranges and it is committed to a zero tolerance approach to product and service deficiency

The right cut-resistant hand protection does make a difference. Eliminate doubt; talk to a hand protection expert from Globus today.


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