Growth in emerging markets for recruitment in gas detection and PPE

PPE - August 27, 2013 - 0 comments

logo showing text "next exit emerging markets"Over the past two years TAG Search and Select has seen a growing need to recruit management leadership, sales managers and technical engineers in two major emerging markets, Brazil and China. As these markets are now becoming evermore health and safety conscious, the need for PPE, environmental monitoring and gas detection products is growing significantly.

The areas that we have experienced growth in are within oil and gas and mining. With so many human tragedies happening, particularly in mining as we have all seen in recent years in the media, companies are becoming more aware of their corporate and social responsibilities and their image within the marketplace. Companies are advancing to make the workplace a safer environment for their employees.

“We used to only recruit for PPE and gas detection companies in the UK and Western Europe” says Nick Taglione, Director of Executive Search at TAG Search and Select “but we have now completed assignments in Eastern Europe, Russia, India, China, Brazil and the US, all of whom require talented people from within fixed and portable gas detection products”.

We discussed what types of people to recruit for these markets and he said “these days, most people do speak English, so it is not out of the question for someone who lives in the UK for example to cover an export area like Brazil but we have found that people who speak the local language (Portuguese) and understand the buying process and already have the links with distributors or end users, are far more likely to start generating business and hit the ground running much quicker. The companies that we have recruited for, often research the market using technical people and product managers to make sure that when they do launch a new product range, it is certified and suited to the market they are going for, otherwise, it would be a costly venture to enter a new market”.

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