Guardsman Ltd – UK exclusive distributor for Guide CPN gloves

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Guardsman Ltd – UK exclusive distributor for Guide CPN – a new generation of gloves that takes the EN standard to its limit.

Hand injuries are a problem that costs industry and society millions every year. Guardsman are now introducing Guide CPN gloves to our range of PPE, a ground-breaking range of protective gloves with a level of protection that far exceeds the current EN standard. At the same time the gloves are pliable and easy to use.

The gloves in the range CPN protect against cut, puncture and needle injuries. Previously, a glove with this protection was clumsy to use, and the protection was not effective enough.

“Many people find it hard to believe their eyes when they see the test results. The gloves in the CPN range are unique in their kind,” says Roger Rasmussen, Brand Manager at Guide.

Most of the gloves in the CPN range reach and surpass the highest standards set out in the European EN-standard. Therefore, besides EN labelling, the gloves have been graded according to a proprietary system based on how much protection and where in the gloves the protection is fitted.

“I dare say that the combined protection of CPN is the best on the market today,” continues Roger Rasmussen.

The high level of protection depends largely on the Alycore metal mesh. The mesh is sewn into the gloves and provides extremely good protection without the glove becoming heavy or ungainly.

“Good protection should not reduce freedom of movement. It is when the protection is inconvenient to wear that people ignore it. In CPN, we have worked to create gloves that are safe, but also as pliable as possible and we have succeeded,” says Roger Rasmussen.

“In Sweden alone it is said that one third of all occupational injuries are hand related. There is a need to better protect the hands. Why should people who work as police officers, sanitation workers, carpenters, or in industry need to risk their hands when there is good protection available,” says Roger Rasmussen.

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