Hand arm vibration measurements and estimates

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Vibration is measured in metres per seconds (m/s²) the larger the value the higher the vibration.

Typical values range from 15 m/s² for road breakers to 1 m/s²for cordless drills.

The longer the user is exposed to vibration the higher the risks. The “Health and Safety Executive” have identified a threshold value of 2.5 m/s² averaged over an eight hour day as the maximum acceptable without preventative measures and health surveillance.

The table gives values of vibration and the length of exposure which would give a daily total exposure equivalent to 2.8 m/s² for 8 hours.


maximum EXPOSURE

length of time


16 hours


7 hours 10 minutes


4 hours


2 hours 30 minutes


40 minutes


17 minutes


10 minutes


6 minutes

The estimated vibration levels used to distinguish high, medium and low risk items are: –

Risk rating

vibration m/s²


High 5.6 m/s² 2 hour or less
Medium 2.8 to 5.8 m/s² Between 2 and 8 hours
Low 2.8 m/s² or less 8 hours of more

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