Hand protection demo kit by Mapa Professionnel

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Mapa Professionnel has developed a Hand Protection demo Kit to train distributors and agents in the properties of protective gloves so that sales teams can clearly see the benefits of each type of glove.

Image courtesy of Mapa Professionnel

This method of providing training and support to sales teams has a proven track record and the kit has now been made even more effective by Mapa by the inclusion of a test for thermal resistance.

It is a straightforward way of showing the different properties of each protective glove and of comparing the useful elements of each type. The Demo Kit is the ideal tool to train your sales team.

A total of eight properties can be demonstrated, including  dexterity and cut protection resistance.  Most recently, the thermal heat resistance of a glove can be also be demonstrated.

The advantages of demonstration kits include clear and practical presentation of the features of each glove type and  active participation of the delegates.

Take advantage of the training available from MAPA Professionnel services and make your sales force even better prepared and ready to sell by contacting a Mapa representative.

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