Mobile Apps for Health & Safety and Facilities Management

health-and-safety-apps-in-a-warehouseThere’s been a buzz about business apps for a few years now. With the inexorable spread of mobile and tablet devices into every pocket, and with the associated increase in the amount of time people spend using the devices, it seems logical to build business applications to give users access to information on devices they are used to. So I set out to find out how apps can benefit organisations and people in the safety and allied sectors.

Business apps are computer programmes designed to be mobile, operating on a variety of common platforms such as iPhone, iPad and android smartphones and tablets. The availability of app developer tools means that software is now available for a wide range of uses.

Why use business apps?

Most people own smart phones or tablets, and this represents a great opportunity to engage directly with customers, prospects, staff and other stakeholders. The devices are carried everywhere by users and so the issue of engaging with a geographically dispersed audience is overcome. The opportunities seem endless, and range from the simple delivery of information to full two-way engagement with customers and staff.

Footprint Apps for the Health & Safety and Facilities sectors

Building relationships with customers is a sound strategy, especially using channels that they use themselves. Customers can buy wherever they are, so from the business development perspective, having the ability to use GPS to ascertain exactly where a customer or prospect is located presents the opportunity to drive sales. If you know where a person is then you can communicate the location of your nearest outlet.

From the organisational point of view, being able to engage with staff is extremely useful, especially if you have a mobile workforce. Imagine the benefits to your team of having a resource base available to them wherever they are? Apps provide this capability with real-time availability of the information people need.

Real and continuous engagement with staff leads to more enthusiasm in work. And it can have other benefits. For example, the use of health and safety apps can lead to better OSH performance. Good OSH performance benefits business through a safer workplace, higher productivity levels and lower absenteeism rates.

Simon Meager, Managing Director of Footprint App Development, told PPE.ORG: “Apps are enabling individuals and OSH professionals to access key information on demand at the point of need. Often this is away from the desk and in a ‘live environment’ where a correct and informed decision made with the right information can have a positive impact on a situation’s outcome. Apps are already becoming an important tool in the OSH workplace as they enable key information to be delivered onto devices most people already have in their pocket or bag – without requiring huge infrastructure investment.”

Enterprise apps facilitate two-way communications with the right people, at the right time to:

  • Add value to your own client relationships;
  • Differentiate against your competitors;
  • Promote and achieve best practice throughout your organisation;
  • Provide essential information to your employees at their ‘point of need’;
  • Allow clear communication of your organisation’s culture, values, vision and objectives;
  • Improve staff morale by providing more effective personal development and support;
  • Help with building and supporting effective leadership at all levels;
  • Significantly reduce costs in other areas such as marketing and training.

iPad rapidly becoming a favourite business tool

The Footprint team are experts in the development of enterprise apps across the Safety & Health and Facilities Management sectors. The focus is on building applications that add value to an organisation in terms of business development, performance improvement and knowledge sharing. In other words, apps that help you communicate and engage more effectively with your clients, prospects, staff and stakeholders.

Footprint Apps can help you to fully utilise the latest communications technology – apps for the smartphones and tablets that your people already use – to overcome your challenges and meet your business objectives. Footprint Apps helps organisations, businesses and companies improve their digital footprint using mobile apps, which provide solutions at the point of need.


Mobile Apps for Health & Safety and Facilities Management by PPE.

Contains material published with the kind permission of Footprint Apps.