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Envico-health-and-safety-training-website-homepage-screenshotEnvico is a health and safety training company based in the UK, offering information about a wide range of health and safety training courses in e-learning and classroom format across many industries. The company is an independent and intermediary partner, teaming up with hundreds of different health and safety providers in order to help customers find the right course for their needs.

Envico offers access to several different types of courses throughout the UK, including health and safety training, food safety training, fire safety training and environmental safety training. The courses and training that they offer are certified by several well-respected bodies, including IOSH, NEBOSH, IEMA, CIEH CITB and HSE.

Based in Doncaster, Envico was founded in 2003. The goal of this company is to provide their customers with accurate, useful and convenient information for comparing, researching, locating and booking their health and safety training. They feature the highest quality and most well accredited health and safety training courses in the UK. Also, Envico are on hand to answer any questions about specific courses or training.

Continuing Success in Providing Health and Safety Training Options

Envico has had customers attend thousands of health and safety courses throughout the last decade. They give their customers a voice, by encouraging them to provide feedback and publishing their comments and quality ratings on the website. These quality ratings and reviews from customers allow Envico to determine which of the many different health and safety training providers are the top in the country.

These training organisations have very high standards and they deserve to be recognised for their excellence. Envico publishes the top five providers according to their customers, updating this information daily on their homepage. Also, new reviews and ratings are contributed every day – which are calculated by the advanced backend systems on the website. This system updates the provider ratings on the same day- automatically.

It can take a lot of time and effort for a company or an individual to find the right health and safety training course, because so many different factors need to be considered. Envico is the solution for this, making it quicker and easier to find the right health and training program for any particular requirement.

A Listing Tool for Health and Safety Training Providers

Envico also serves as a tool for the UK health and safety training industry, allowing training providers to list their public courses. It is easy for the health and safety training providers to list the dates for their scheduled courses on the Envico website. The organisation must be accredited by the relevant bodies for examination, such as NEBOSH, ISOH, CITB, CIEH and IEMA.

The courses that are listed on the website include course dates, locations and costs – making it easy for customers to make their choice. Envico manages all of the course data, including the entry of the course dates – the training providers simply provide their schedule information and courses.

When health and safety training providers work with Envico, they are provided with a unique password and username, which allows them to access the website and edits company course data – updating dates and cancelling courses when necessary. This ensures that the information that Envico is offering is always current and up to date.

By allowing this access, training providers will also be able to view their course bookings as well as their status. This helps course providers to know how many delegates have paid for the place in the course and are confirmed to attend. It is also possible for course providers to see how many bookings they have still outstanding, which will help them to anticipate the numbers for their course.

One of the main advantages to working with Envico for training course providers is that they will receive a regular feed of delegates, with no upfront investment from the training provider. Envico will manage the process from start to finish, which includes checking the course availability, ensuring the delegates have everything they need, collecting payment and every other aspect – up to the morning when the delegate arrives at the venue.

Envico generates significant levels of bookings for the health and safety training course provider, which saves them time and creates a constant stream of revenue. One of the main reasons that health and safety training providers work together with Envico is because their services help to “put bums on seats” and fill their courses with participants.

This avoids the need to cancel a course due to a failure to reach the minimum course numbers. Not only does this result in a loss of revenue, it also looks back for the health and safety training provider and reduces the likelihood that those course participants will book with them again. By using a system such as Envico’s online database, health and safety training providers have a much more reliable way of ensuring that their courses fill up with participants every time.

Other Services

What other services does Envico provide? The company also offers a series of unique blog entries and health and safety articles, which are posted regularly by Drew Mitchell, the Managing Director. They also allow the ability to search by a number of different search filters, including maximum budget, provider quality rating, refreshments and lunch.

The Envico website allows for social media integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Stumbleupon and LinkedIn. Interested customers can also subscribe to their RSS and blog feeds, so that they can keep up to date with the latest news in the world of health and safety training.

The enhanced navigation and the straightforward booking system helps customers to book their health and safety training quickly and easily online. It only takes seconds to compare hundreds of different health and safety courses – filtered to meet the requirements of a specific profession or company. Customers are able to search through many different options, including e-learning, distance learning, classroom courses and on-site training, in order to find the course that suits them best.

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