HSE Risk Management

PPE - May 12, 2015 - 0 comments

IBM health safety and environment management

“Costly” is too small a term for the damage caused by health, safety and environment (HSE) incidents for mining, metals, oil and gas, and chemicals companies. HSE failures extend past the bottom line, causing loss of life, reduced production levels, multiple long-term legal and financial challenges, and the revocation of a company’s “social license to operate.” And today’s conditions of greater transparency and public scrutiny demand better responses than ever.

Old way: Traditional HSE compliance-based management. New way: Innovative HSE risk management.

Source: IBM Health, safety and environment management

Visit the source to read about the advantages of innovative HSE risk management and why the new approach is imperative today. Other resources available include downloadable documents on safety for mining companies, transforming health, safety and environment strategy, achieving safe and reliable operations using an end-to-end view of enterprise risk and  predictive analytics in safety and operational risk management.