Create a Workplace Culture of Logical Problem Analysis

PPE - December 9, 2013 - 0 comments

causelink-diagram-transparentRoot Cause Analysis is a systematic approach to uncovering the important factors contributing to events of interest to an organisation. Events of interest range from those that an organisation does not want to happen again, to those that are beneficial and where replication is desired.

Root Cause Analysis Training is the first step to enabling your team to analyse problems effectively. The Sologic RCA method is a process to get you to solutions by gathering appropriate information, analysing causes and effects and brainstorming solutions. Training courses introduce delegates to a systematic methodology that enables your team to effectively solve your organisation’s problems. Sologic Europe offers multi-language in-house training at client premises across the UK, Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa. There are also public courses available.

Read more about how to give your team the skills to identify the underlying factors causing the problems in your organisation, and to develop effective solutions here: Root Cause Analysis Training


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