Make Noise at Work Monitoring Your Priority

PPE - November 17, 2013 - 0 comments

noise-at-work-monitoring-output-hseIf you are planning to carry out workplace noise measurement then you should ensure that you use compliant monitoring equipment and that the equipment you use is calibrated properly. Beware the lure of saving on cost at the expense of compliance. There is also the need to properly calibrate meters to ensure noise at work monitoring data is reliable and accurate.

We now have a page that explains compliance and also provides details of Pulsar Instruments’ sound level meters, noise exposure systems and training courses. You’ll find all the up to date news from Pulsar, including items on how to cut costs when buying noise measurement equipment, how the First Direct Arena invested in the latest noise measurement technology, why the Pulsar Nova sound meter software will change the sound measurement game and a link to the new interactive brochure for noise monitoring instruments.

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