Management leadership in occupational safety and health

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Safe and healthy workplaces help businesses and organisations to succeed and prosper and also benefit wider society. This guide gives business leaders practical information on how safety and health can be improved through effective leadership, worker involvement and ongoing assessment and review, making businesses and organisations safe and healthy for everyone. A diagnostic check gives an idea of the level of prevention in a company and provides ideas for improvement.

Every year more than 5,500 people lose their lives in the EU as a result of workplace accidents and more than 159,000 die from an occupational disease. Estimates vary, but accidents and ill-health cost the EU economy at least 490 billion Euros per year.

Infographic: Work-related deaths

Anticipating risks and implementing effective safety measures, combined with rigorous follow-ups, are essential if these figures are to be reduced. To this end, EU-OSHA has produced in cooperation with BusinessEurope a practical guide – Management Leadership in Occupational Safety and Health – aimed at managers who wish to become leaders in safety and health. The guide complements its sister publication – Worker Participation in Occupational Safety and Health: A Practical Guide – aimed at employees and their representatives.

The leadership guide highlights the on-going need to improve safety and health and describes the practical steps that managers can take if they wish to be in the vanguard. It describes the legal duties that managers have towards their workers and to society at large. It contains useful case studies that can serve as templates for the effective management of safety and health. In addition, the guide contains a self-assessment tool to help managers become effective leaders in occupational safety and health (OSH).

Above all, the guide emphasises the importance of managers engaging with workers and their representatives in the drive towards improvements in safety and health.

Management Leadership in Occupational Safety and Health: A practical guide

Video: Working together for risk prevention

Our primary focus is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Media partner of EU-OSHA – the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work. We actively promote the Healthy Workplaces campaign to our worldwide readership.

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