Nanomaterials in the workplace

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Managing nanomaterials in the workplace is necessary as there are risks to the safety and health of the workers involved.

Nanomaterials are invisible to the human eye – a size comparable to atoms or molecules. Yet they are present in our daily lives in everyday products such as food, cosmetics, electronics and medicines.

Some nanomaterials are natural, while others are the by-products of human activities, or are specifically manufactured for a particular purpose. Although nanomaterials have many beneficial properties, there are large gaps in our knowledge about their associated health hazards.

Many workplaces are using, handling and processing nanomaterials. Therefore particular care regarding the risk management of these materials in the workplace must be taken. Read more to find out about these materials, what the risks are and how to manage those risks:

-What are nanomaterials?

-Where are they found?

-What are the health and safety concerns associated with nanomaterials?

-How does exposure to them occur in the workplace?

Visit EU-OSHA to understand more about managing the risks of nanomaterials in the workplace. A number of risk management tools have been created to help develop appropriate workplace prevention measures. You may find these helpful in workplace risk assessments with regard to nanomaterials.

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