MSA Britain agree to support Little Hearts

PPE - September 9, 2013 - 0 comments

MSA Britain, a division of the global
Safety and Gas Detection Company has chosen Little Hearts Matter as its
registered charity.   

Little Hearts Matter is a charity
supporting children born with a single ventricle heart condition. Every year
600 children are diagnosed in the UK with having half a working heart. Two
decades ago most of these children would have died within days or even hours of
being born. Thankfully, today there is life-saving surgery available for many
of these children, however, they will not all survive the complex operations
required. Around 30% of the children who are born with this condition are
unlikely to make it to the age of five and the oldest person with the severest
of these conditions is only 20 years old.

Little Hearts Matter provides support to
over 3,500 babies, children, teenagers and adults each year from initial
diagnosis through the journey to independence.

MSA is the leading manufacturer of industrial
safety hats and as part of its support is donating 5p for every hard hat sold
in the UK over the next 5 years. The target is to raise £100,000, which will go
directly to supporting and helping children, enabling them where possible to
lead a safe and independent life.

Staff at the Head office in Lanarkshire are
raring to go and have already started fundraising. Michael Burdon, MSA Sales
Director says:

“We are very passionate and excited about
supporting this amazing charity and the inspirational children that suffer with
this condition. Around 9 months ago I was completely unaware that this
condition existed. I am proud to lead my team into this fantastic partnership
for hope going forward. This fits our company profile ‘Because Every Life

Shelagh Paterson, Little Hearts Matter Head
of Fundraising said:

“The children Little Hearts Matter support
depends on the generosity of others to help them cope with living with only
half of their heart, which is why we are so grateful to MSA for choosing us as
its registered charity.”

For further information please visit or call 0121 455 8982 and help make a difference.

Little Hearts Matter is a national charity
offering support and information to anyone affected by the devastating diagnosis
of a single ventricle heart condition, children born with half a working heart.
It works to raise awareness of the needs of these children and their families.


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