NIOSH Directory of Personal Protective Equipment

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Fatalities and injuries among the nation’s workers are substantially reduced with the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and technologies. It is estimated that 20 million workers use PPE on a regular basis to protect them from job hazards. PPE protects workers from death and disabling injuries and illnesses as well as protecting from the specific threats of exposures to certain airborne biological particles, chemical agents, splashes, noise exposures, fall hazards, head hazards, and fires. Improvements and changes in the personal protective technologies are realized in the form of standards and regulations, revisions and alterations to existing standards, subsequent availability of PPE complying with the standards and regulations, and demonstrations of PPE use by the workers.

Source: CDC – NIOSH Directory of Personal Protective Equipment


Visit the CDC for useful information on respirators, protective clothing and ensembles, noise and hearing loss prevention, occupational latex allergies, eye safety, PPE for emergency responders and engineering controls.

There is also a section which includes; Approved Particulate Filtering Facepiece Respirators, Respirator Trusted-Source Information, Respirator User Notices, Certified Equipment List (CEL), PPE Resources by Occupation, PPE and Flu Prevention, Protective Clothing, How to Choose Hearing Protection, Compendium of Hearing Protection Devices, Eye Safety and Eye protection for Infection Control.

(Damaged safety helmet – Image by kind permission of Seton UK)


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