Noise measurement methods with ease of use and durability

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noise-measurement-methods With an estimated two million people exposed to harmful levels of noise at work in the UK, Pulsar Instruments plc, a company which specialises in noise measurement and noise monitoring in the workplace, have launched a new range of world-class professional sound level meters. The new sound level meters successfully combine noise measurement methods with ease of use and durability. The new Pulsar Nova® range, designed to meet Noise at Work regulations as well as help companies protect their employees, comprises six hand-held decibel meters, all complete with a high resolution colour OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) display, a die cast outer case and a market leading 30 hour battery life.

The new range consists of six new generation sound level meters to suit every application and budget. These are broken down into three categories: Model 41 (Class 1) and Model 42 (Class 2) are entry level sound meters which means that they are suited for basic noise level assessments in the workplace; Model 43 (Class 1) and Model 44 (Class 2) are the professional sound level meters whose main function is to help safety professionals meet Noise at Work regulations or occupational and industrial hygiene requirements as far as noise is concerned; and Model 44 (Class 1) and Model 45 (Class 2) are the premium models of the range. The meters can be used for anything from basic, occupational to environmental applications.

Easy to set up and manage, Pulsar Instruments’ new Pulsar Nova® range features a high definition colour OLED, ambient light sensors and illuminated silicon elastomer keypad, offering users a very clear visual indication of noise measurement data under all weather conditions. The display also clearly shows key functional parameters and allows easy sharing of measurement databases between several users. Additionally the new range includes a multi-language menu and software in: English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.

Exceptional battery life, greater than 30 hours with standard alkaline AA, is also featured as standard within all six products. This helps prolong the performance of the instrument, by removing the need to change batteries after a few hours of use, and saves users time by allowing them more time to complete other measurements.

The new meters have a die cast aluminium outer case offering the robustness and reliability needed in heavy industries such as engineering, manufacturing, construction and transportation whilst requiring minimum training. Their ergonomic shape fits well in the hand of a user, offering maximum comfort and less fatigue if extensive measurements are required in the field.

“The Pulsar Nova® range has been designed with the end user of noise measurement methods in mind. Everything from the look, feel, hardware and software used has been thought through and designed to ensure ease of use for the end user” said Sarah Brack, Managing Director of Pulsar Instruments. “If needed, the range can also be further upgraded with a variety of optional modules, such as audio note and data logging, making it the ideal solution to cover every requirement and budget.”

The new Pulsar Nova® sound level meters come with a 7 year warranty and are manufactured in North Yorkshire, UK. To find out more information about Pulsar Instruments plc new noise level meter range please visit here, call +44 (0)1723 518011 or

Press release, 25th September 2013.

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