Free Office Ergonomics e-Learning Programme

PPE - May 13, 2015 - 0 comments

eOfficeErgo is made up of nine modules that cover everything from working postures to workstation adjustments, with instructional information presented through text, photos, video and interactive components designed to engage users. Review questions and exercises to reinforce key concepts are included throughout. The training is self-paced (i.e. learners can complete modules as their time allows), with each module taking about 10 minutes to complete. The training supports, but does not replace, the expertise of trained professionals to conduct workstation assessments and provide further insights on ongoing issues.

Source: New office ergonomics e-learning program launched to mark RSI Awareness Day | Institute for Work & Health

This free online office ergonomics e-learning programme is fantastic. We’ve used it and the concepts are clear as can be. It’s a wonderful resource for people and organisations to use. Reducing injuries and ill-health due to poor ergonomics makes sense for both workers and employers. Thanks to the IWH and PSHSA for creating it and making the training available in the public domain. Visit the source and take advantage of this free office ergonomics e-learning programme.