OHS electrical training courses may become more important than ever

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OHS Electrical Training Courses may become more important than ever if changes in The Electrical Safety Act are passed

The Electrical trades Union (ETU) is expressing concern over the safety of electrical workers if the recently introduced bill to Amend the Electrical Safety Act of 2002 is passed.

Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie’s bill that was introduced to the state parliament will:

  • Abolish the electrical safety commissioner and replace him with an elected chairman
  • Abolish the safety education committee and replace it with an advisory committee that will only meet when the needs arise
  • Abolish the equipment committee
  • Abolish safety inspectors

While these cuts will save money, it increases the danger to electrical workers and could result in more deaths by electrocution according to ETU Deputy Secretary, Keith McKenzie. McKenzie also points out that should this amendment pass, the government will see an increase in safety related work stoppages, injuries and even deaths.

This will throw the full responsibility of electrical safety onto the shoulders of electrical contractors and their employees, which will mean that OHS electrical training courses will be more important than ever. There are a number of OHS approved electrical training courses that see that workers and managers fully understand the hazards and dangers of working with electricity, ensuring that those working with this deadly type of energy are competent to perform the tasks they are hired to do.

Courses also provide workers with all types of information concerning protective clothing and safety procedures to follow when working with electricity. While such training is already required, employers may want to have their employees take refresher courses on a more regular basis to help reduce the risk or injury and death to employees.

If the Amendment passes and safety inspectors at electrical sites are abolished, companies who are concerned with their workers safety may have to consider hiring their own safety inspectors to help ensure the safety of workers.

While additional electrical safety training, refreshment courses, and alertness on the part of employers and the employees themselves will help prevent some accidents, the new law will still leave many workers in jeopardy and the ETU has every right to be concerned and voice the concerns. Let’s hope that the state parliament decides to put safety over monetary conditions and decide that this new act simply poses too great of a danger to the health and safety of those who work with electricity to pass such a bill. In fact, any bill regarding changing the Electrical Safety Act of 2002 should have within it more safety procedures and checks, not less.

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