Now there is one glove that combines chemical and cut protection

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Ansell’s AlphaTec‌® ‌58-735 is an innovative multi-hazard nitrile glove that offers an unparalleled combination of both chemical and cut protection; ideal for multiple hazard work environments where chemical substance exposure accompanies cut risk.

Cuts in the workplace are all too frequent, affecting employees in 60% of businesses where the threat of occupational hand issues can be expected. Even more common is skin irritation, thus showing that both cut and chemical concerns must be considered when making any PPE decisions, including glove choice.

Until recently, safety managers have been forced to compromise between cut and chemical risk depending on which is the principal hazard, or in more dangerous cases have decided to double glove with the intention of combining the effects of a cut protection glove and a chemical protection glove. This actually puts the wearer at risk of serious injury as critical aspects like dexterity and grip are compromised, reducing the efficiency of the hand protection solution.

However, with Ansell’s latest development, wearers can experience the best of both worlds and enjoy not only protection from cuts but also chemical hazards through the synergetic nature of the AlphaTec‌® ‌58-735, without undermining any of the vital features of each individual type of glove.

Key Features of the AlphaTec‌® ‌58-735

These innovative gloves provide protection against cuts and lacerations as well as preventing chemicals running down the wearer’s arm. Health and safety risk is massively reduced thanks to the high visibility cut liner which immediately highlights to the wearer when chemical protection is compromised. The gloves have exceptional dry and wet grip to improve dexterity and minimise hand fatigue for workers.

Can I use it in my workplace?

Ansell recommends use of the AlphaTec‌® ‌58-735 in the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Life Sciences
  • Machinery and Equipment
  • Oil and gas
  • Food Processing
  • Metal fabrication

Or if your employment involves any of these high risk activities that require hand protection:

  • Handling metal sheets or anything with sharp edges that could cause lacerations (including broken glass)
  • Dealing with raw materials or chemicals
  • Touching any machinery or tools that could cause injury if not wearing appropriate hand protection

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