Only Specs certified prescription safety glasses online

PPE - November 22, 2012 - 0 comments

Only Specs is an Australian prescription safety glasses business started in 2007 and run by optometrists. Only Specs sells certified prescription safety glasses online. Carrying most major safety eyewear brands such as Bolle, Titmus, Uvex, Sperian and Snake Wear.

Our safety glasses are manufactured within Australia and undergo rigorous testing prior to dispatch. We are proud of our extensive range of prescription safety glasses and are constantly looking for quality products to expand it further.

Currently our range has around 50 different styles of certified medium impact safety glasses, including both plastic and metal frames. There are a growing number of wrapped safety glasses that look like sunglasses and make wonderful safety sunglasses, along with the more traditional aviator style safety glasses, with welded side shields for those who like that style.

You can find Only Specs at and contact us on