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Ronco Protective Products strives to meet and exceed customers’ needs through commitment to manufacturing consistent quality products and providing the best service industry wide. Here, Ronco answers some common questions regarding Protective Apparel:

What are the differences between polyethylene, vinyl, polyurethane, neoprene, and PVC supported protective apparel aprons & sleeves?

Each material is designed for use in a variety of industries and applications. Polyethylene aprons & sleeves are disposable; they are relatively thin and inexpensive. They are designed for use in the food handling and serving sectors. These aprons & sleeves are not meant for uses where chemical resistance is required.

Vinyl aprons & sleeves are stronger and more durable than polyethylene aprons & sleeves. They are somewhat resistant to chemicals, but an analysis would have to be completed to ensure that they are resistant to the chemical being used. They are also suitable for use in the food-service & handling and industrial maintenance sectors.

Polyurethane aprons and sleeves exhibit high levels of resilience; even after being exposed to high tension, the material will return to its original shape. These aprons & sleeves are more cost effective than ones made from either polyethylene or vinyl and are easily cleaned after use.

Aprons & sleeves manufactured from polyurethane are designed for use in laboratories & pharmaceutical companies, janitorial use, food processing plants, chemical processing, meat packing, and general industrial use.

At 35 mil, neoprene aprons are quite thick compared to the other aprons. These aprons are made by coating a bacteria resistant polyester mesh grid with neoprene on both sides. These aprons are heavy duty, enabling them to withstand tough jobs. These cost efficient aprons are ideal for janitorial use or for chemical processing.

PVC supported aprons are also 35 mil thick. They can withstand acid and are puncture resistant. Durable for a longer lasting apron, they are also ideal for the plating and meat packing industries.

What is the difference between Ronco-Cap and Cova-Cap?

Ronco-Cap bouffant caps are in a traditional style with a single elastic and are available in blue or white. Cova-Caps are pleated and made with a double elastic. They are available in both 21″ and 24″. The 21″ caps are available in white, blue, pink, yellow, or green, making them ideal for color-coding to reduce the risk of cross-contamination between departments. The 24″ caps are available in white and blue.

What does latex-free non-woven apparel mean?

The elastics in bouffant caps are often made with latex, a material that can cause allergic reactions, ranging from mild to severe, in some individuals. In order to guard against this risk, Ronco now manufactures some of our non-woven items with elastics made from lycra rather than latex. Contact us now for your free sample of one of these latex-free products.

About Ronco

Founded in 1996, Ronco Protective Products is a world class manufacturer of disposable gloves, industrial gloves, protective apparel and plastic products. Since its inception, Ronco has striven to meet and exceed customers’ needs through commitment to manufacturing consistent quality products and providing the best service industry wide.

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Ronco’s head office is in Concord (north of Toronto ), Ontario , Canada and its operations encompass Canada and the Far East . Sales offices all across Canada complement Ronco’s presence in the Canadian market. High tech and state of the art manufacturing facilities in China and Malaysia , allow Ronco to manufacture top quality products while remaining extremely competitive.

An on-site team of dedicated quality assurance inspectors and market researchers ensure that Ronco’s corporate values are being enforced for human resources standards, manufacturing and quality processes.

Ronco takes pride in the quality of the people involved at all levels of its operations and ensures that its employees are satisfied with their work and have the tools they need to achieve their tasks effectively time after time. By creating more value in the workplace, Ronco is able to create more value in the marketplace.

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