PPE Manufacturers, Distributors and Experts on Social Media


Influence in health and safety: Are you on the PPE Powerlist? (Image: seton.co.uk)

There is a thriving community of PPE manufacturers, distributors and experts on social media, and you’ve come to the right place if you want to see who they are, engage with them or even compete with them for a top spot on the PPE Powerlist!

These are the people you need to know in the world of personal protective equipment and health and safety services.

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The PPE Powerlist is based on the on the activity of users of Twitter, and other social media platforms, and their Klout scores. A Klout score is based on a number of metrics and depends on a users activity levels.

This leaderboard provides a league table of the most active and engaging organisations and individuals operating in the PPE space. It is automatically generated every Wednesday morning. Join the buzz on Twitter by using the hashtag #PPEtalk.

If you would like to take part in the PPE Powerlist, click the “join” button below to get started. Please remember this is a list of UK-based PPE manufacturers, distributors and experts, and that PPE reserves the right to accept or deny inclusion.

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