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21654_0010_1Progressive Safety offers a mobile sales unit service to deliver and issue goods directly to the employees of their customers. The company has two mobile sales units (MSU) issuing orders to customers on site. This method of order fulfilment can save the customer significant amounts of time and money as the issue of goods is coordinated and carried out efficiently with the minimum of employee down-time.

Personalised packs of footwear and clothing, in the appropriate styles and sizes, are issued to customer employees directly from the MSU by Progressive Safety’s own staff. Each manpack carton is labelled with the details of the individual employee’s details, including name and pack contents.

21654_0017_1Fitting service

The mobile sales unit can also be used to provide a fitting service where employees can try styles and sizes of bespoke uniforms for future issue. This reduces returns and re-issue of product thereby saving time.


  • Customer employees receive goods in the comfort and safety of a segregated area
  • Employee down-time is minimised
  • Product issues are completed quickly and efficiently
  • Carrier non-delivery issues are eliminated
  • Provides on-site availability of Progressive Safety product experts
  • PPE can be face-fit tested on-site
  • Details of employee sizes and products are stored for future use

The MSU service is available to UK customers nationwide. Please contact us on 0114 273 8349 or email to enquire about the MSU service.

Progressive Safety:  Manufacturer of JCB safety footwear and workwear

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