ProQares: Testing, evaluation and certification of your protective equipment

PPE - June 3, 2013 - 0 comments

bigstock_Orange_Protective_Clothing_2084648_kleinerMany professionals worldwide trust their lives to protective equipment against chemical and biological hazards. ProQares is an internationally leading provider of testing, evaluation and certification services for such protective equipment.

Within our unique facilities we can work with the most toxic compounds, including chemical warfare agents (CWA) and toxic industrial chemicals/materials (TICs/TIMs). ProQares is renowned worldwide for its fast delivery of high-quality results and expert advice.

ProQares has its origins in CBRN protection: testing of equipment intended to protect against the effects of chemical, biological and radiological/nuclear weapons. The same technical capabilities enable ProQares to evaluate performance of protective equipment intended for the (chemical) industry, as well as for the medical and pharmaceutical sector.

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Our efficient test facilities and planning system enable us to guarantee fast turnaround times, flexible responses to urgent customer requests and anticipate changes in customer planning. ProQares maintains high quality standards (ISO 17025) for its facilities and procedures to ensure the highest degree of accuracy and consistency in test results.

Tests are carried out according to specifications by the customer, or according to (inter)national standards such as ISO, CEN, NATO and NIOSH.

Why choose ProQares?

We find that customers choose ProQares because of our flexibility to quickly implement unusual testing specifications. Others particularly appreciate the fact we are capable of fulfilling a wide range of their testing needs within a single lab. Or the fact that we do not just provide a pass/fail verdict, but will gladly help to interpret and understand testing results so you can improve your product. Customers also come to us because we can work safely with any chemical agent.

But two reasons stand out as the most important of all: we produce the most consistent and reliable results in the industry, and also realize the fastest turnaround times. Our constant attention is devoted to these qualities, aiming to improve our services even further.

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