Put young people at the heart of good health and safety

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British Safety Council’s Speak Up, Stay Safe campaign aims to put young people and confident communication at the heart of good health and safety. In equipping young people with information and real-life examples, they will be better placed to raise health and safety concerns and contribute to how risks in the workplace are managed.

The campaign targets those between 14-25 years old, and employers who work with young people.

From current research we know that young people and those new to a job are vulnerable to the consequences of poorly managed work-related risks:

  • 88 young people between the ages of 16-24 were killed at work in the UK between 2005-2010 (this excludes any work-related transport deaths).
  • Most of these fatalities were young males (84 of the 88).
  • Male workers in construction and agriculture are at the highest risk (these two sectors account for almost 50% of fatalities in this age range in the UK).

The Speak Up, Stay Safe website is at www.britsafe.org/speakupstaysafe. The website contains information for young people about their rights and responsibilities around health and safety; it explains what we mean by hazard, risk and reward; it has a Q&A and fact sheets to download, both for young people and employers. It also contains films, showing the terrible consequences of a fatality for a mother, and offers tips in a cartoon format.

We will use various methods:

An online and mobile app game (The Missing: A Dangerous Truth) – A new, free online and mobile app game – The Missing: A Dangerous Truth – will bring many young people to the information contained in the Speak Up, Stay Safe website.

For the online game: www.britsafe.org/speakupstaysafe/the-missing

For iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users: http://tinyurl.com/brta6n7

For Android users: http://tinyurl.com/d7ce5q4

BSC speak up, stay safe logoMedia coverage – Launch of website and game to generate media coverage. We will also work with media partners.

Working with stakeholders and members to partner with us, including schools and include Speak Up, Stay Safe information in their communications.

How can I help?

  • Do you have contact with young people? Can you put Speak Up, Stay Safe information on your website or in newsletters, magazines or emails? Or share the game?
  • Do you have events for young people? Could we give a presentation to young people or your organisation?
  • Talk to us about further campaign developments, including the possibility of partnership and sponsorship.

Contact matthew.holder@britsafe.org for more information.


Factsheet published with the permission of the British Safety Council.

PPE.org actively promotes the Speak Up, Stay Safe campaign. We are a media partner of EU-OSHA and actively promote the Healthy Workplaces campaign.

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