Ronco introduces the nano-engineered glove

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RONCO Introduces the Nano-Engineered Glove

Concord, September 9, 2012: Established in 1996, Ronco is one of the leading manufacturers of safety products in Canada. Ronco’s mission is to provide consistent, good quality products that cater to the safety requirements of Canada’s industrial market.

Innovation being one of its cornerstones, Ronco recently expanded its line of nitrile examination gloves and introduced NE1, the Nano-Engineered Glove™. Blue in colour, NE1 is powder free and latex-free.

Manufactured using the latest nano-technology, Ronco NE1 offers superior strength and protection in a light-weight formula. Through this advanced technology it has become possible to manufacture examination gloves that are much thinner than the traditional gloves. Being thin, these gloves offer a bare hand feel and are akin to having a second skin.

Ronco has gone a step ahead of everyone by introducing an environmentally friendly packaging for the NE1 gloves. These gloves come in a new stylish sleek dispenser that saves on packaging. This lowers the storage as well as transportation costs while reducing the impact on the environment.

Mr. Ron Pecchioli, President, Ronco said; “Ronco has a very strong product development team and one of our objectives is to deliver better protective solutions to the industry. We believe in leading by example and NE1 is one such innovation that we are very proud of.”

Ronco NE1 is available in various sizes, ranging from X-Small to X-Large. The glove has been evaluated and accepted by CFIA (Canadian Food Insepction Agency) for use in food industry and also has a medical device license for use as an examination glove.

All Ronco products are available across Canada through an authorized distribution channel. For more information on Ronco NE1 or to order free samples, please call 905-660-6700 or send an email to You can also visit our website

Nano-Engineeed Glove™ is a trademark of Ronco.


For additional information please contact us:

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Information kindly provided with permission from Ronco.

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