Ronco launches a new line of cut resistant gloves – Defensor™

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A New Line Of Cut Resistant Gloves

Concord, Nov 12, 2012: Established in 1996, Ronco is one of the leading manufacturers of safety products in Canada. Ronco’s mission is to provide consistent quality products and lead the industry by innovation.

Hand protection is of prime importance in occupational safety and a big portion of injuries occur as a result of workers sacrificing safety for comfort. Keeping this in mind, Ronco introduced their latest Defensor™ line of gloves that provide excellent and reliable protection without compromising comfort for the user. These gloves are manufactured from high-tech engineered HPPE fibres which make them exponentially stronger yet comfortable to wear.

The Defensor™ gloves are currently available in 3 different styles for light duty to heavy duty industrial work.

Defensor 2 gloves are manufactured from Aramid fibre with a nitrile coating that makes them ideal for light-duty abrasive tasks.

The Defensor 3 and 5 have been designed with a special PU (polyurethane) formulation that helps the glove conform to the hand and mimic a bare hand feel. The gloves are 100% DMF (Dimethylformamide) free and pose no health hazards to the users and provide a good level of cut and abrasion resistance.

The entire range of DefensorTM gloves is CE tested with a mechanical rating for abrasion, cut, tear and puncture. These markings are indicated on the gloves.

DefensorTM is a trademark of Ronco.

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About Ronco

Established in 1996, Ronco is a world class manufacturer of safety and plastic products. With a focus on consistent quality products and outstanding customer service, Ronco has developed a strong presence across Canada. Ronco’s safety product line includes solutions for head, hand and body protection. In the plastic category, Ronco offers totes and polywoven bags and a variety of plastic bags. For more information, please contact Ronco at (905) 660-6700 or or visit


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