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Join thousands of students from industry-leading organisations who’ve benefited from Root Cause Analysis training delivered by our team—students who say they’ve saved their organisations an average of £11,000 on their first RCA after training, in addition to regaining productivity. As their skills quickly improve, they routinely help save an average of £25,000 per RCA. This is just one reason why over 99 percent of past students say they would recommend this Facilitator course to their colleagues.

In the RCA Analyst Level 1 – Facilitator course you will learn current and proven best practices in cause and effect analysis from Sologic instructors, based on our team’s extensive experience applying the Sologic method directly—to everything from major investigations, to recurring and systemic problems, to positive and proactive analyses. Also benefit from the compilation of our clients’ best practices and requests, encompassing a vast array of industries, disciplines, geographies and cultures.

By applying Sologic’s state-of-the-art Root Cause Analysis method to real-world problems in the Facilitator class—and benefiting from instructor mentoring—you will gain the knowledge, tools, and confidence to lead successful root cause analyses. You will be able to solve tough and recurring problems, and proactively replicate successes.

Empower yourself

Help your organisation save money and time, and reach its business goals:

Perform and facilitate a Sologic RCA:

  • Gather evidence, interview stakeholders and lead an investigation team
  • Identify, understand and correct systemic causes
  • Pinpoint effective solutions to problems of any magnitude
  • Minimise the impact of human behavior and errors
  • Utilise Sologic Causelink™ software to visually depict cause and effect relationships, prepare a final RCA report, and analyse and share data

Unify your team around a common methodology, language and terminology.

Effectively communicate RCA findings, solutions and trends.

Why choose the Sologic RCA method?

  • Draws on the most advanced cause-and-effect methods and best practices; simultaneously simple – focused on steps that deliver value and save time.
  • Universal, scalable, practical and intuitive for RCA novices and experts alike.
  • Logical, complete and accurate process and terminology that’s aligned with how the world actually works.
  • Takes the focus away from non-specific causes, opinion, blame and punishment; shifts the focus to systemic causes, objectivity, collaboration and data.
  • Enables RCA facilitators and teams to more effectively and efficiently identify true causes and effective solutions.
  • Informs business decisions and supports achievement of business goals.
  • Based on extensive feedback from our clients as we work with them to build RCA programs that effectively solve and prevent real-world problems.
  • Client feedback loop consistently feeds continuous improvement of method and training.

Course details

  • Two 8-hour days of classroom instruction (16 hours)
  • OR 2.5 hours of e-learning pre-work followed by 8 hours of classroom training
  • Each attendee receives an individual Sologic Causelink™ software license
  • Available as a public seminar or as private, on-site training
  • No prerequisites required

For more information and to register

Sologic, LLC T: +44 (0)1252 723816, F: +44 (0)8444 172730

25 Echo Barn Lane, Farnham Surrey GU10 4NQ, UK

Published with permission from Sologic Europe.



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