Safety footwear with HyGrip soles

PPE - May 29, 2013 - 0 comments

Briggs Industrial Footwear Limited, based in Leicester, has developed a range safety footwear with ‘HyGrip’ soles. Their latest innovation to come out of the Himalayan® stables, this safety footwear range is packed with all the features that are on every Safety Officers wish list to ensure the ultimate protection of their colleagues.

All products within the HyGrip range feature ladder grips, a shock absorbing 90 degree heel, foot-forming in-socks, anti-static soles, SRC slip resistance and their S3 safety range includes mid-soles/water repellent uppers as standard. There are also fully composite and waterproof options within the range.

For some customers, the need to have a heat resistant sole to 300C is important, and this is signified by a characteristic blue/black sole (see model 5161)

Briggs Industrial Footwear Limited who own the Himalayan® brand are looking for selective new distributors in the UK and Europe, please contact for more information.