Transport and logistics safety statistics and work-related lung disease

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Transport and logistics – key facts: In 2005/06 there were 17 fatal injuries to employees. Slips and trips were responsible for 37% of major injuries to employees in 2005/06. 15% of major injuries were caused by handling. Musculoskeletal disorders followed by stress are the predominant kinds of work-related ill health in this sector. 3,437 major injuries such as a fracture, amputation, dislocation or loss of sight were reported in 2005/06. Transport and Logistics Safety Solutions.

LOcHER Project Showcase is an opportunity to learn more about how different colleges around the country approached the LOcHER Project, and see direct results from their students. You’ll see how each College approached the project differently, producing a broad range of approaches and innovative, engaging results. This Showcase is designed to allow you to take inspiration from their methods, and inspire you to create your own. You’ll also hear from the Tutors during their owned filmed interviews. Listen to their stories of engagement and inspiration.

There are approximately 12,000 deaths each year in the UK due to occupational respiratory diseases, over 70% of which are due to asbestos-related diseases or COPD. Protecting workers against the threat of breathing in dusts and airborne particles is essential to remove the risk of them contracting respiratory related illness and disease. Worker exposure to dusts such as silica can cause potentially serious, and in some instances, life threatening respiratory diseases such as lung cancer, silicosis, occupational asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Breathing in dust, gases, vapours and fumes at work can cause life-changing lung disease or make existing conditions worse. HSE is working to reduce work-related lung disease using communication, partnerships including establishing a Healthy Lung Partnership, regulatory work in the highest-risk sectors and evidence-based interventions. Do the right thing and protect your workers from work-related lung disease.

Substance abuse screening is a useful tool in the fight against accidents on construction sites. Your business has a responsibility to improve site safety by any method available. If your employees are using drink or drugs, they are at increased risk of causing an accident that injures themselves or their colleagues. To better manage these risks, you should seriously consider implementing drug and alcohol testing for your workers. For any business serious about doing their best for employees and the general public, carrying out these tests should be a serious consideration.

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