What is COSHH?

The control of substances that are hazardous to health is a critical area of Health and Safety management. The large number of people involved with dangerous substances,…

PPE July 31, 2013

Does your business comply with health and safety legislation?

Need help to comply with health and safety legislation? Then look no further than Comply at Work Ltd based in Horwich, Bolton. Sue Scott is the award-winning principal…

PPE July 29, 2013

Dangerous substances advice for employers

Dangerous substances – meaning any liquid, gas or solid that poses a risk to workers’ health or safety – can be found in nearly all workplaces. Across Europe,…

PPE July 18, 2013

Working with dangerous substances

Employers, workers and their representatives need to know about the risks to workers’ health in the workplace and how to manage those risks. Effective communication…

PPE July 11, 2013

High performance protection in comfort

Microgard Limited is a leading manufacturer of chemical protective clothing, introducing new technology and designs to the marketplace to improve wearer protection…

PPE May 22, 2013