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For effective hand protection trust Globus

Globus has established an enviable reputation within the UK and Ireland as a leading specialist in hand and arm protection. From the rigours of heavy construction…

PPE October 29, 2013

Good cut-resistant hand protection is not a luxury

A new white paper by Globus, “Choosing the right cut-resistant hand protection”, outlines clearly the importance of using well chosen protection. RIDDOR…

PPE July 16, 2013

The importance of glove grip: more productivity and less accidents

What to look for when choosing grip protection Optimal grip is the pinnacle when choosing a glove: the higher and more precise the level of grip and control that…

PPE April 21, 2013

Tricolore System™ - a simple way to minimise risks to hands

The new Skytec Tricolore System from Globus includes gloves and for the first time in the UK, chemical resistant gauntlets colour-coded to symbolise varying levels…

PPE March 15, 2013