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PPE September 13, 2015
Prevent conflicting demands to reduce stress in the workplace

Prevent conflicting demands to reduce stress in the workplace

Today’s fast moving societies and the trend towards more networked organisation structures means an increase in responsibilities and workloads for many employees.…

PPE September 5, 2015
People, Process and Culture in Warehouse Health and Safety

People, Process and Culture in Warehouse Health and Safety

There are many aspects to health and safety in a warehouse environment. Much depends on whether the operation is mechanised, the layout of the shop-floor, the type…

PPE August 27, 2013

A health and safety leadership resources pack

Leadership plays a key role in influencing the success of health and safety in any organisation, but promoting positive leadership and management can be particularly…

PPE August 20, 2013

Consulting and involving workers benefits everyone

Health and safety is important for everyone, whether it be from a worker perspective or that of a business aiming to keep the workforce safe, and stay on the right…

PPE March 18, 2013

It’s all about working together

EU-OSHA’s Healthy Workplaces Campaign  focuses on the twin concepts of management leadership and worker participation in OSH. The campaign encourages managers,…

PPE March 6, 2013

The benefits of worker participation in safety and health

Creating a healthy and safe workplace is not solely the responsibility of management, worker involvement is vital too. Employees have a big incentive to improve…

PPE February 12, 2013

Management leadership in occupational safety and health

Safe and healthy workplaces help businesses and organisations to succeed and prosper and also benefit wider society. This guide gives business leaders practical…

PPE February 11, 2013

Healthy Workplaces: good for you - good for business

The Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2012–13 ‘Working together for risk prevention’ encourages managers, workers and other stakeholders to join forces to improve…

PPE January 23, 2013

The importance of leadership in safety

It is critical that we understand the role and importance of leadership in safety We all recognise that leadership is a key component of any safe organisation, but…